Real Estate Transactions, Litigation, & Assistance

Part of our practice is devoted to assisting with real estate purchases, sales, and leases. We also handle litigation relating to real estate holdings, as well as provide assistance to economically distressed individuals trying to hold on to their properties. The firm has handled many Foreclosure and Tax Sale Matters.

Commercial real estate owners seeking to buy or sell property sometimes encounter zoning issues, easements, or local ordinances, and may need professional help in coordinating with the commercial broker, lender and title company.

In addition, our firm can help you negotiate Agreements of Sale as well as assist in the due-diligence phase of Settlement Preparation. No matter if you are buying or selling apartment buildings, retail centers, commercial buildings, commercial condominiums, motels/hotels, or a single-family home, our firm is there to protect your interests.

We can help resolve environmental issues, develop leasing agreements, and protect your interests through the entire real estate process.

Contact us to reach settlement quickly, with minimal hassle, and with maximum confidence.